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The surface appears to be "gimmick" reality TV "lots of"

Release date:2017-08-15
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 In the color TV camp, the emergence of curved TV has been the focus of controversy, some people think that curved TV just bent the screen, and some people think that curved TV is more in line with the design of human body. In my opinion, the surface appears to be "gimmick" reality TV "big", the author may wish to take a look.

The surface appears to be "gimmick" reality TV "lots of"
First of all, compared to the flat screen TV, the overall quality of the surface TV has been improved. The national digital audio and video and multimedia products quality inspection center for testing and analysis of data on the surface of TV technology, respectively, through the measurement of luminance, luminance uniformity, contrast distortion and improve degree of surface quality of television test. The experimental results show that the average luminance enhancement ratio is 13%, and the maximum is 24.1%. The average rate of luminance uniformity is about 12.6%, and the maximum is 24.2%.
Second, compared to flat screen TVs, curved TVs can relieve eye strain. The human eye is spherical, and the lens of the human eye is a convex lens. Therefore, when the object is focused, the focal plane formed is a spherical cambered surface rather than a plane. Surface TV can achieve the same distance from the whole screen to the human eye, thus reducing the rotation frequency of the eyeball. Therefore, watching for a long time, the surface watching TV by the experimenter human eye flexibility change to less than a flat screen TV, reduce eye movement frequency makes the surface watching TV the experimenters feel eye fatigue is also less, to help protect eye health.


Finally, the screen surface curvature, and consistent with the human eye radian, so the image seen in the vision of the broader picture, more easily into the eyes, the picture is more accurate, which greatly improves the viewer's input, input is high, the viewers of the TV content focus the degree also increases. Compared to flat TV, TV surface design more in line with human retinal focus, plus the package surface TV powerful sense, the audience more easily to TV content, the attention and concentration reached a high point, very suitable for learning.
On the whole, surface TV brings us a lot of new joys and surprises. After all, it is the era of high-tech development, and innovation is fundamental. The surface of the TV with his "distorted image correction" and "strong sense of immersion and sense of the scene", "high-definition picture quality and full color and makes people linger" surface appearance gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory ", has gradually captured people, the future will also be much more the favour of consumer.
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