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8K TV is coming, can 4K TV now be threatened?

Release date:2017-08-15
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 Recently, there is news that SHARP will launch 8K TV in the next year, and in the global implementation of 8K TV, while the second half of this year, SHARP will use water Kameyama plant production of 8K TV, which means that 8K TV has struck. As for the popularity of 4K TV, whether it can be threatened or not, we might as well discuss it together.

According to industry sources, compared to 4K TV, 8K TV to 7680 x 4320 resolution to obtain ultra-high quality television standards identified. The TV in the color gamut, color depth, color, gray scale, frame rate, standard viewing distance, angle mode and audio has been a huge boost, more close to human perception.
8K TV is coming, can 4K TV now be threatened?
Although 8K can bring a clear picture near the eye recognition limit, but the current 4K sources is still some distance away from us, 8K sources in the rest of life whether we can see? A transmission specification of 8K 120fps 8K, which can be compared to a resolution of approximately 33 million pixels, while the 120fps is the second 120 33 million pixel images of streaming media, the very large amount of data. It is understood that 8K format video, even if only 1 minutes, will be able to occupy a full 194GB space. With our current network or other video carriers, it is not enough to cope with the huge 8K video capacity.

At the same time, the 8K standard 22.2 channel is even more exaggerated, through the upper 9 channel, 10 channel, 3 channel middle layer three layer configuration of the loudspeaker, and dual channel low frequency sound (LFE) speaker, audio technology in the audience and the ear level position, above and below the ear position of the audience were placed 10, 9 and 3 speakers, also equipped with 2 subwoofers consisting of 36 small bass unit.
There is the price, and the original 4K TV is the same, 8K TV in the price must be more expensive. And 8K TV generally matches super size screen, 98 inches, 100 inches, etc., the price must be quite exaggerated. That's why SHARP still doesn't officially push 8K tv.
In addition, if you don't feel the need for 4K TV, you don't have to think about 8K tv. After all, resources are also a big problem. At least in the 4K resources, eco industry development to a certain mature stage, when the manufacturers will naturally promote 8K TV, and that time is the best starting point for 8K tv.
Thus, from the current point of view, the arrival of 8K TV, 4K TV can not make much threat. However, in the future, with the maturity of technology, coupled with the accession of many color TV manufacturers, 8K TV instead of 4K TV, just a matter of time.