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Old change for excellent" detonated big screen market, living room TV purch

Release date:2017-08-15
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 Recently, the China Electronic Video Industry Association jointly with the China home appliance business association and domestic and overseas color TV enterprises nationwide to carry out the upgrade of "replacing old with excellent". Samsung and TCL, the world's two biggest color TV giants, took the lead in responding to large channels of cooperation with Changchun, Baotou, Shijiazhuang, Linyi, Tangshan, Changsha and Chongqing. In the enterprise not only help users recovery over the safe use of the old TV, environmental protection and



dismantling, also out of quantum dots, ultra high definition, artificial intelligence, ultra light and other high-end products to participate in activities, through the "excellent" and upgrading of consumption experience upgrading, by consumer praise.


"Old change for excellent" detonated big screen market, living room TV shopping is exquisite


Deputy Secretary General of the China video industry association chairman Peng Jianfeng introduction, "the replacement" is to encourage consumers out of more than seven years of safe use period of the old TV, replaced with more environmentally friendly, better sound quality, a new intelligent products industry consumption upgrade project. Extended service TV in addition to not enjoy the new Internet service, quality, poor quality, interactive experience is not good, there are still fire and other security risks. At present, the price of TV has been very close to the people, and it is recommended that the TV set use more than seven years of family, conditional upgrade as much as possible, for a high-performance large screen tv.